ASKI was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 23, 1987 under the name "Alalay sa Kaunlaran sa Gitnang Luzon, Incorporated" as a non-stock, non-profit organization committed to the promotion and development of micro and small-to-medium enterprises and the delivery of social services.

In 1995, seeing the needs of its clients in times of sickness, ASKI, through its Credit Risk Guarantee Fund (CRGF), started giving financial assistance to its clients for their hospitalization and medical expenses, Php1,000 if a client gets hospitalized and Php500 if his/her spouse or dependent child suffered illness and was hospitalized. ASKI also gave donations to the bereaved family of the client in times of death.

Further, in 1999, recognizing that the said financial assistance is not sufficient as a response to the difficulties encountered by the clients and their families in time of death and/or serious illness and also, in order to mitigate the risk of accounts becoming uncollectible due to death and disability, ASKI introduced the Mutual Aid Fund (MAF) Program. In this program, in addition to membership fees, clients contributed a certain amount upon the death or disability of a MAF member or upon the death of his/her legal spouse or legitimate fully-dependent child. The amount contributed, net of outstanding loan balance with ASKI, is awarded to the bereaved client and/or his/her beneficiaries to help ease-out the expenses related to death or sickness. This later evolved into clients paying fixed amounts upon every loan renewal instead of paying their actual contribution. The transition was decided on the basis of a growing outreach of ASKI, which would support the possible claim for benefits. This would also simplify the collection and monitoring process of the program. As per analysis of the actual contributions received from clients and the benefits awarded to clients and their families, the Organization decided to fix the contribution to P350 every loan release.

The MAF Program, however, though was able to lessen the credit risk of the Organization, because of its limited fund base, was faced with another risk of exhausting its program fund and not being able to pay for the benefits due to its member clients. However, with the Organization's aim to continually improve its services to its clients, while limiting the possible risks involved in implementing its programs, ASKI introduced its new MAF Program, wherein clients are enrolled in an External Insurance Provider.

True to its vision of a transformed and progressive community, ASKI joined other microfinance institutions (MFIs) in organizing the RIMANSI MI - MBA Association of the Philippines, Inc., an institution that would help MFIs in setting-up their own mutual benefit associations. Thus, through the help of RIMANSI MI and CARD Mutual Benefit Association, the first MBA emanating from an MFI, Alalay sa Kaunlaran Inc. Mutual Benefit Association (ASKI MBA) was born. On June 21, 2006, ASKI MBA was officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a non-stock, non-profit organization. And on October 5, 2006, ASKI MBA was issued a license to operate by the Insurance Commission (IC). In December 2006, ASKI MBA pilot-tested its program in Urdaneta Branch and on January 2007, officially started its operations.

The dream of having a mutual benefit association was a move to attain the triple bottom line, that is, outreach, viability and transformation. ASKI hopes to increase its number of clients catered through the MBA by providing services to the unserved portion of the poor. Through the MBA, ASKI will be able to cover its clients, their spouses and a maximum of three of their legitimate and fully-dependent children.

Because it underwent professional actuarial study and is being regulated by the Insurance Commission, which is very supportive of microinsurance, viability is certain. With the strict government regulations, including the required starting guaranty deposit of Php5 Million to the Insurance Commission, benefits to members are assured. As of December 31, 2015, after nine (9) of operations, ASKI MBA had a total of 148,968 members and covered about 595,872 dependents over seventy-two (72) ASKI branches. Net income for the year was about Php16.7 Million.

On the aspect of transformation, the products and services were designed to cater to the needs of the clients based on a survey and actuarial study. The insurance benefit, Php120,000, serves as a safety net for the clients and their families in time of loss.

Transformation is also evident in allowing the members, the clients themselves, to own and manage the MBA. With the MBA, each client has a chance to become an MBA Coordinator or a member of the ASKI MBA Board of Trustees. The members elect an MBA Coordinator from among the clients of each branch. The MBA Coordinator is a bridge between the members and ASKI. They are in-charged of validating membership and benefit claims. Also, five out of seven members of the ASKI MBA Board are ASKI clients. The founding Board, Mr. Jovito Pulido, the former board president, is a bakery owner and had been an ASKI client for almost five years. He both served as the Center Chief and the president of the Clients General Assembly in ASKI Tayug Branch. Mrs. Cleotilde Agdagdag, the former board vice-president, owned a "sari-sari store (variety community store)" and served as Center Chief under the Trust Bank Program. Former board secretary, Ms. Virginia Sto. Nino, who also owns a "sari-sari store", has been a loyal client under the Individual Lending Program. Mrs. Dina Lava, started as a pastry vendor, now manages her own catering and restaurant business. And lastly, Mrs. Evelyn Pendon, previous board member, owns a handicraft business; producing products made from capiz shells. As members of the board they are provided for with trainings on leadership and governance and exposure trips on microinsurance operations. Part of their training is the presence of two representatives from the ASKI Board and management in the ASKI MBA Board; two seats are allotted for ASKI. In this way, as board members, these clients are equipped with know-how and skills in microinsurance and can now participate in the policy and decision-making of their own mutual benefit association. With ASKI MBA, they can now share leadership skills to the community by ensuring a well-managed and client-sensitive microinsurance program. Thus, we can say that ASKI MBA truly is a venue to empower the poor.



A highly competitive, reliable and sustainable mutual benefit association in Luzon


To ensure Security of members by providing comprehensive microinsurance.


To promote the welfare of the poor.

To extend financial assistance to its members in the form of death benefits, medical subsidy, pension and loan redemption assistance.

To ensure continued access to benefits/resources by actively involving the members in the direct anagement of the association that will include implementation of policies and procedures geared towards sustainability and improved services.

To link with foreign and domestic partners in promotion microinsurance through sharing of best practices.


Stewardship and integrity



Unity and teamwork


Outstanding service


Luningning F. Dinio


51, Filipino, is a member of the Board of Trustees of ASKI MBA since March 13, 2020 and was elected again as the President of ASKI MBA, Inc. last May 11, 2021. She became Chairman of the ASKI MBA HR and Remuneration Committee in 2020 and Member of Nomination and Governance Committee in 2021. Currently she is residing at Sto. Cristo, Quezon, Nueva Ecija. Ms. Dinio holds no directorship or any position in any listed company.